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One burst or leaky pipe can disrupt an entire household. When you need emergency pipe repair and replacement for your home, choose Comfort First Heating & Cooling.

You can count on us to find the source of the issue in your piping and solve it to restore your plumbing as quickly as possible.

Request emergency pipe repair or replacement services now for your Raleigh or Durham home when you call 919-635-4349 or contact us online.

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Signs You Need Pipe Repair or Replacement

In many situations, you can tell that your home has a burst or leaky pipe long before it becomes an emergency. Here are a few signs you might need pipe replacement or repair:

  • Dripping noises in the walls
  • Mold issues throughout your home
  • High water bills
  • Water marks on walls or ceilings
  • Fluctuating water pressure
  • Discolored or foul-smelling tap water

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, call Comfort First to request pipe repair and replacement services at 919-635-4349 or send a message online.

Common Causes of Pipe Damage

Pipe damage is often hidden within walls, so it can be easy to miss if you’re not aware of what can cause water pipes to burst or leak in the first place. A few common causes of pipe damage include:  

  • Freezing conditions: As water flowing through a pipe freezes and expands, the pressure builds on the pipe itself, which can cause it to burst.
  • Rust and corrosion: Rust and corrosion can eat away at an older pipe until it finally bursts.
  • Hard water: The chalky buildup you might see on your plumbing fixtures can occur within your pipes at an even larger scale, which eventually weakens piping.
  • Shifting soil: Landscaping, construction work, and erosion can cause underground water pipes to move, increasing the likelihood of leaks and extensive pipe damage.
  • Tree root infiltration: Tree roots are drawn to underground water sources like your water line and can break down pipes over time.
  • High water pressure: Water pipes were only designed to withstand a certain level of water pressure which, as long as it’s noticed in time, can be adjusted to safer levels by installing a pressure-reducing valve.
  • Accidental damage: Never put pressure on exposed pipes in your basement or crawl space by hanging items on them, even lightweight items.

Our team can find hidden damage causing a leak with our leak detection services and offer upfront pricing for pipe repairs or replacement services. Request service today by calling 919-635-4349 or reaching out online.

What To Do if You Have a Burst Pipe

If you’ve discovered a burst pipe, you can limit the water damage to your home by following these steps:

  • Shut off your water at the main water valve
  • Turn off your home’s electrical system at the breaker box
  • Turn on sink faucets to drain the remaining water
  • Call Comfort First — no matter what time it is, Comfort First is available 24/7 to respond to requests for emergency pipe repair and replacement services
  • Document the damages with photos and notes
  • Call your insurance company

Choose Comfort First for Fast Pipe Repair & Replacement

When your North Carolina home needs quality pipe replacement or repair, reach out to our team at Comfort First. We’re honored to have received so many great reviews and look forward to providing expert services for years to come.

Our team offers free estimates on replacement quotes and upfront pricing so you’re never surprised by costs and can make informed decisions about your home’s comfort.

Contact us online or call 919-635-4349 now to schedule service.

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