24/7 HVAC, Plumbing & Generator Service In Hillsborough, NC

24/7 Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing & Generator Service In Hillsborough, NC

With over 50 years of experience, Comfort First Heating & Cooling is a trusted home service company delivering unparalleled HVAC, plumbing, and generator services to residents of Hillsborough, NC.

Our professionals undergo ongoing training, ensuring we have the knowledge to provide repairs, installations, and maintenance. For complete transparency, upfront pricing, and quality installation procedures, turn to the experts.

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HVAC Services for Hillsborough Homes

Keep your HVAC system operating at peak efficiency with our comprehensive heating and cooling services. When you enlist our services, our technicians provide quality service and expert customer care.

Air Conditioning Services

Power your air conditioner on with confidence when you rely on Comfort First’s air conditioning services. Our technicians provide swift and reliable solutions, including:

  • Air conditioning repair: Timely repairs can save your cooling unit from becoming a premature replacement. Schedule service if you notice a spike in your energy bills, unpleasant odors, or weak airflow.
  • Air conditioning installation and replacement: At some point, you’ll have to decide to replace your old cooling system. When that time comes, we’ll walk you through the process and help you make an informed decision for your home.
  • Air conditioning maintenance: Investing in the efficiency and cost-effective operation of your cooling system means scheduling annual maintenance. Our team offers detailed system checks to keep your system functioning at its best.

If you’re interested in ductless cooling, Comfort First also installs, repairs, and maintains ductless mini-splits.

Furnace Services

We service gas, electric, and oil furnaces. Whether you’re dealing with a heating breakdown or want routine service, we’ve got your back. Our furnace services include:

  • Furnace repairs: Is it time to repair or replace your furnace? We consider factors like the extent of your issue, the age of your system, and its energy efficiency.
  • Furnace installation and replacement: With reduced energy consumption, better efficiency, enhanced reliability, and eco-friendly operation, there are many benefits to installing a new unit.
  • Furnace maintenance: Regular maintenance helps to improve the function and operation of your furnace and allows your technician to detect minor repair issues. Don’t forget to schedule your yearly maintenance check.

Heat Pump Services

Hillsborough homeowners seeking year-round comfort, energy efficiency, and zoning capabilities can benefit from a heat pump. With versatile heating and cooling solutions tailored to your unique preferences, heat pumps offer the ideal solution to your heating and cooling needs.

Our heat pump services include:

Ductwork Services

Ductwork plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of your HVAC system.

From ductwork installation and replacement for new ducts to ductwork repair and sealing to ensure seamless airflow, our team is dedicated to optimizing HVAC performance.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Old, moldy, or musty smells indoors can indicate issues with the air quality of your home.

We’re here to help whether you need indoor air quality solutions to balance humidity levels or eliminate airborne pollutants in your home.

Our indoor air quality services include:

  • Air filtration system installation
  • Whole-home air purifier and scrubber installation
  • UV light installation
  • Whole-home humidifier installation
  • Whole-home dehumidifier installation
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring system installation

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People You Can Count On!

Plumbing Services in the Hillsborough Area

Your plumbing system is often the last thing you think about until it becomes a problem. When plumbing issues arise, let our experienced plumbers step in.

Our plumbing services include:

Emergency Pipe Repair & Replacement

A broken water pipe can lead to severe damage in your home. Acting swiftly can save you from further flooding and costly repairs.

First, turn off the main water supply. Then, give us a call for emergency pipe repair and replacement to restore your home’s water supply.

Drain Cleaning

Are you experiencing slow drainage or smelly, gurgling air bubbles in your home’s drain system? Clogged drains not only slow down your water waste, but they lead to foul odors and bacterial buildup.

Trust our experts for drain cleaning services. It’s always best to avoid putting grease, coffee grounds, hair, and other non-dissolvable items down your drains to avoid future clogs.

Water Heater Services

When it comes to keeping your home’s comfort at its peak, turn to the experts at Comfort First. Our comprehensive water heater services for tankless water heaters and standard models ensure your home’s hot water needs are always met.

Our water heater services include:

  • Water heater repair
  • Water heater installation and replacement
  • Water heater maintenance

Book plumbing services for your Hillsborough home by calling Comfort First at 919-635-4349!

Whole-Home Generator Services in Hillsborough

Protect your home from power outages with a whole-home generator. Whether it’s storm-related or an unexpected disruption, your power supply will seamlessly transition from the city grid to your standby generator for consistent and reliable service.

Our whole-home generator services include:

  • Whole-home generator installation: This standby power supply system ensures that critical systems like medical equipment, major home appliances, and all other electric-powered devices remain operational during a power outage.
  • Whole-home generator repair and maintenance: Irregular starting, strange sounds, and failure to provide power are critical signs that your generator needs service. Schedule expert generator repair and maintenance to ensure your system is ready for emergencies.
  • Generator-ready electrical panels: Your electrical panel is an important component for seamless generator system integration. An upgraded generator-ready electrical panel prevents overloads, inefficient power distribution, and other damage to your home’s electrical system and generator.

Call Comfort First at 919-635-4349 to schedule generator services in Hillsborough, NC.

Why Choose Comfort First?

Our extensive experience, training, and quality customer service make our team the best in the business. Our goal is to consistently provide comfort that our customers can rely on.

We value and respect your home, your concerns, and your time. That’s why our services are tailored to your service needs. With a 24-hour hotline, free estimates on replacement quotes, and upfront pricing, you can always count on our team.

Ask about our Equipment Protection Program for routine HVAC and plumbing maintenance and exclusive membership benefits like priority scheduling.

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Excellent all-around generator install experience; the initial call, the sales meeting, the installation guys, the communication, the pricing... everything was/is perfect, I will highly recommend and use Comfort First again without hesitation.

Wayne Braren



Had these folks install a couple of whole home dehumidifiers for me. They were prompt, courteous, professional, and efficient. During the installation, several deficiencies were identified from the previous installers of the existing HVAC equipment and rather than step back or charge extra, they rolled up their sleeves and took care of the problems (that they…

William Dunford



Absolutely AWESOME! These guys knew what they were doing, had a plan, and executed it. The customer’s satisfaction was always paramount to any issues that arose. It was evident that "Customer First" is an attitude that stretches from the great guys/gals on the install crews, to those in Admin, and those at the TOP. Absolutely would…

Albert Renaud



Extremely efficient and professional. Took the time to walk me through the process and to answer questions. I would highly recommend Comfort First Heating and Cooling.

Betty Lovelace



What a great experience. Each and everyone that we had come out to our home from AJ who helped us pick out the system that was best for our home to the installers the spent almost a whole day at our home putting the system in were professional and courteous! We will definitely refer anyone we…

Freddie Stuart


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