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Cooling Your Home With Central Air Conditioner Units

Central air-conditioning is the most popular type of cooling system in the United States with more than 75% of the population relying on central air to keep their homes cool.

Central air is also what most homeowners choose when looking for air conditioning in North Carolina. But why?

A central air conditioning system offers many advantages over conventional AC units.

For starters, central air is one of the most effective and efficient ways to circulate cool air throughout the house, particularly when you compare it to window AC systems.

If installed properly, central air units will be able to cool an entire space quickly and efficiently. Centralized AC units send cool air directly through air ducts or vents located in each room. This allows your entire home to be cooled, rather than just one room.

But that’s not the only benefit of a central air conditioner unit.

The central AC units we install for our NC clients can improve indoor air quality as well.

There could be a number of different reasons why your AC is running but not cooling your house that you can check yourself:
Is the thermostat set to ON instead of AUTO? If so, the unit cannot complete a full cooling cycle. Set the thermostat to AUTO for optimal performance.

  • Is the air filter dirty? If so, it could be either clogging up the air circulation or has frozen the evaporator coil.
  • Is the outdoor unit dirty? If so, it could be preventing your unit from expelling hot air from the home.
  • Is the outdoor circuit breaker tripped? If so, the unit will still run but not cool. Flip the breaker to solve the problem. If it keeps tripping, contact a technician.

If after checking these items your AC is still not blowing cool air, contact us today. Comfort First provides expert reliable air conditioning repair services. We are also available for emergencies 24/7. We look forward to working with you soon!

An AC has to work hard during our hot North Carolina summers. A few reasons an AC might have problems cooling your house include:

  • Air filter is dirty.
  • Condenser is blocked.
  • Not enough refrigerant due to a leak.
  • Ducts are leaky.
  • System is old and needs to be serviced or replaced.

Are you having problems with your air conditioner cooling your house? Contact Comfort First today and we will be happy to diagnose the issue.

After you have checked a couple of things on your AC:

  • Air Filter
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Condenser Debris
  • Thermostat Set to ON Instead of AUTO

And your unit is still not cooling, it is recommended that you turn it off. The reasons for this are:
If the unit is frozen, it will need to thaw before a technician can work on it.
A simple problem could turn into a large repair if the unit is left on.
To learn more contact Comfort First now. We are happy to assist you with any problem you are having with your AC and are available 24/7.

On average, a central air conditioner lasts somewhere around 10 – 15 years, but this number is dependent on the care it receives over its lifespan. Your air conditioner could operate reliably for as many as 25 years with proper maintenance.

Interested in a new AC unit? Want to sign up for a maintenance plan that can help you make the most out of one you already have? Get in touch with the cooling experts at Comfort First for fast assistance!

There are a lot of high quality brands such as Lennox, Trane and Goodman, just to name a few of many. However, the best central air conditioner for your home is not going to be based on brand or even a specific efficiency or other quality. It’s going to be based on the installer.

The right central air conditioning unit should be installed with these considerations in mind:

  1. The size of your space.
  2. Whether or not you need new heating.
  3. The condition and setup of your ductwork.
  4. Your personal comfort priorities.

Comfort First makes installing a new unit an exciting and satisfying experience. Speak with one of our cooling experts now to discuss the best AC unit for you.

It is going to cost somewhere in the ballpark of $2,000 – $12,000 to replace an air conditioning unit. This estimate varies significantly based on what type of system you have.

  • Ductless mini splits cost about $3,000 for a single unit to cool one zone.
  • Central air conditioning units and heat pumps cost around $7,000 on average.

If you would like an estimate specific to your needs, give us a call at Comfort First. Your cost may be more or less depending on the space you have to cool and your comfort preferences.


When your central AC unit sends cool air into a space, the ambient air is pulled into the air handler unit through return-air ducts. Your system filters the air that passes through it, removing airborne particles.

That filtered air is then re-routed back to the rooms via a separate ductwork system.


Less noise

Central air conditioners make less noise than other, conventional units. That’s because the condenser, fan, and compressor are located in an outdoor unit, instead of squarely within your window.

Not unsightly

Because most of the working parts of a central air conditioning unit are located outside, your AC unit is barely detectable, and does not take up any space.

Easy to manage

Despite how effective central AC units are at cooling an entire home, these systems are extremely easy to operate. Whether it’s for a single zone or multiple zones, you can control your system from one simple console.


It’s possible for specialized central air conditioners to operate in a reversed cycle (heat pump) to not only cool air, but pump out hot air. In other words, your central air system can heat and cool your home from one single unit.


The upfront costs of a central AC unit may be intimidating, but in the end, the payoff is worth the expense. All across North Carolina, homes and businesses are realizing the many benefits of installing central AC units to cool their space.

Interested in learning more? Call the Comfort First team today!

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